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“818” the movement began as a dream in the heart of Will and Dehavilland Ford. God highlighted the biblical passage of Isaiah 8:18 to Will, regarding Isaiah’s family becoming a sign to the nation.

The scripture reads, “I and the children whom the Lord has given me are for signs and wonders in Israel….” Isaiah was saying his family not only walked in signs and wonders, but his family was a literal sign and wonder for the entire nation. Isaiah’ had two sons: One son represented the crisis and turmoil in the nation, (Is. 8:3) but his other son was a sign of the turnaround in the nation, (Is. 7:3). His name, Shearjashub, literally means in Hebrew, “A remnant shall return.” We believe God is raising up a passionate united remnant that have turned their hearts to Jesus.  They have become redemptive signs that are responding to their brothers and sisters in crisis, and are turning their families, communities, and nation around. The vision of 818 is to gather this diverse yet united remnant in prayer, worship, and proclamation to contend for a revival that transforms the inner cities and the suburbs, infuses hope in the heartland, heals of the racial divide, and awakens America.

Ignited by the revelation God gave Will, Dehavilland founded 818 The Sign and ran with the vision by calling several key leaders to gather to pray and fast for spiritual awakening in America. God moved profoundly in that assembly! Many young adults were marked, and became the sign of the turnaround in their own communities.

Image by Dan Meyers


Many of the key leaders have started churches and are having massive impact within their cities and regions.

This sparked the question within Dehavilland’s heart:

“WHAT could happen if millions of young adults in the inner city and the suburbs were impacted by the “sign” message?

With all that is going on in our nation, this is why the “818” vision is critical for this hour.

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