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Finding Your Voice in Times of Crisis

A Six Month Mentorship for Women

JAN 2024


Hi, Ladies! Dehavilland Ford here with an invitation that fills my heart with joy and anticipation. I am thrilled to welcome you to this year's "She is the Sign Mentorship" – a journey we're calling "Esther's Awakening: Finding Your Voice in Time of Crisis."

As we embark on this six-month mentorship, starting in January 2024, we delve deep into the life of Esther. Her story is unique in the Bible – a book where God's name isn't mentioned, yet His presence is undeniably woven throughout. It's a narrative of divine orchestration, revealing how God works behind the scenes, shaping destinies not just for individuals but for entire nations.


Why Esther's Awakening?

Esther’s life wasn’t just about beauty or position; it was about influence, courage, and the unfolding of God’s plan. In our mentorship, we’ll explore:

The Process of Waiting: Like Esther, we all face periods of waiting. We'll discover how these times are not idle moments but periods of preparation, shaping us for greater things.

The Power of Prayer and Fasting: Esther's story teaches us the immense power of prayer and fasting in shaping our destiny and that of those around us.

What Will You Gain?

Through "Esther's Awakening," you will find your voice, especially in times of crisis. You will learn to navigate the challenges of life with grace and wisdom, just as Esther did. This mentorship is designed to empower you in your personal, spiritual, and community life. You will:


  • Grow in spiritual strength and character.

  • Understand the importance of your role in your community and family.

  • Gain tools for effective prayer and fasting.

  • Learn to recognize and seize opportunities for influence.

  • Step into your God-given authority with confidence.

The Role of Influence: How did Esther transition from an unknown Jewish girl to a nation's leader? We'll explore how to step into the influence God has planned for us.

Spiritual Authority: We’ll learn to assert our authority over the 'Haman spirit' in our lives, understanding the power God has entrusted us with as women and believers in this age.

How to Join?


Ready to awaken the Esther within you? Click the button below to sign up now. I am so excited to see the transformation that awaits you. Let's embark on this journey together, growing, learning, and stepping into the fullness of what God has in store for us.


Can't wait to see you there. Sign up today, and let's embrace the awakening together!

In His Love,
Dehavilland Ford  



Will & Dehavilland Ford


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